Flexible efficiency for new buildings and renovations.

From sound absorbing ventilators to networked systems, the AERO wall-mounted ventilators from Siegenia have the right solution for every need.

The AEROPAC wall-mounted ventilator has been employed well over 100,000 times as a solution to rising noise and environmental pollution. With its sound absorbing fresh air supply, it supports a calm and healthy indoor environment. AEROPAC possesses a powerful fan that is as quiet as a whisper, making its use in larger rooms possible. The multi-stage air throughput can be conveniently regulated and programmed via the LCD display, or also leisurely via an app in the “smart” version. Three optional filters provide effective protection against pollen, fine dust and further environmental pollutants. In contrast, the AEROPAC DD, as a passive ventilator, uses only the natural pressure differential for a demand-based ventilation.

AEROCUBE: Passive air vent with sound absorption

This compact solution brings fresh air into controlled building ventilation: With AEROCUBE, SIEGENIA-AUBI is extending its wide range of ventilation equipment. The passive air vent for controlled fresh air supply, even when windows are closed, is particularly impressive because of its intelligent air distribution, its high level of sound absorption and its filtering of incoming outside air. As a result of its simple assembly, it is suitable for installation in new buildings or for renovation projects.

With the AEROTUBE all functional elements are positioned in the pipe. This gives the casing a discreet design, while nevertheless providing demand-based, controlled ventilation at a high level of comfort. The AEROTUBE system consists of five different device versions, which can be used singly or in pairs and also across rooms – and which can be interconnected intelligently in the “smart” version easily and operated via the SIEGENIA Comfort app. This means that you have the right solution for every room; in new builds or in renovations.

With its smart heat recovery, the AEROLIFE wall-mounted ventilator enables highly effective sound absorption and pleasantly quiet ventilation. This makes it an ideal solution for bedrooms and living rooms in particular. It is also easy to install, making it suitable for both new builds and renovation projects.

The SENSOAIR air quality sensor recognises many different pollutants in the room and automatically provides a regulated air exchange to improve the air quality – even before the recommended values have been exceeded and the human body starts to react. To this end, the wall-mounted device controls windows and wall-mounted ventilators or motorised drives via cable. Thus the SENSOAIR creates a holistically healthy indoor environment with permanently high air quality that you not only breathe in, but that you can also see with a glance at the ventilation traffic light display on the sensor.

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