The safe solution for transport and storage.

The transporter blocks protect sensitive surfaces and secure fragile goods against damage during transport. They are made of the robust XPS foam, which thanks to its special cell structure also absorbs larger pressure loads. XPS is an extruded rigid polystyrene foam that has been used in a wide variety of areas in the construction industry for over 50 years. XPS is melted from polystyrene granulate in an extruder and formed into sheets with the addition of blowing agents. The foam has a homogeneous structure, closed-cell, water-repellent, highly pressure-resistant and yet elastic, good thermal insulation, rot-proof and recyclable.

Transporter blocks are available in different thicknesses, individually cut. They are also available with a felt layer to protect particularly sensitive surfaces. Transporter blocks are used to keep the distance between the individual goods so that damage from chafing, bumps or scratches is avoided. In the case of window components, for example, the transporter blocks are glued to the corresponding dimensions on the glass so that the profiles cannot touch each other when they are stacked or in the transport stand.

Product advantages:

• Can be removed from most smooth, hard surfaces without leaving any residue
• For glass, window panes, scratch- and pressure-sensitive surfaces as well as timber and plastics
• high compressive strength, reliably absorbs pressure loads
• sticks securely without slipping
• self-adhesive on one side
• the adhesive is plasticizer-free
• stackable (several XPS transporter blocks without felt can be stuck together)

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