Siegware are now stocking select Soudal products, and we also have access to their entire range of products.

Soudal is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of sealants, construction foams and adhesives. The company was established in 1966 and is 100% family owned. Offering innovative products and providing solutions to most bonding, sealing, waterproofing and jointing applications. Soudal products are primarily used in construction, industry and DIY/hardware and are sold in more than 130 countries in all continents.

Soudal Fix ALL® Crystal

The perfect product if you are in search of a sealant-glue with the same strong properties as the Fix ALL® Classic but which is also 100% TRANSPARENT and paintable.

Features & Benefits

• Can be painted immediately after application, even with water-based paints
• Easy to apply in all conditions
• Bonds even onto humid surfaces
• UV stable
• Does not smell
• Solvent free
• Cures fast
• No primer needed
• 100% transparent

Soudal Gun Grade Trigger Expanding Foam

Polyurethane based insulation and filling foam which forms a permanent, air tight and waterproof bond to timber, metal, glass, masonry, polystyrene, concrete and most plastics (not on PE, PP). It is fitted with the revolutionary new Duravalve which ensures longer shelf life, non-clogging and higher yield per can.

Features & Benefits

• Fills & Insulates
• Threaded Adaptor
• Low expansion – high precision
• Excellent thermal and acoustic insulator
• Non shrink, no post expansion

Soudal Gun & Foam Cleaner

Gun & Foam Cleaner is a ready to use cleaning aerosol can for use on Soudafoam Gun and Soudal foams.

Features & Benefits

• Used in conjunction with Soudafoam Gun and the foam applicator as cleaning fluid
• Contains solvents
• Can be used with normal foams cans due to the attachable nozzle

 uPVC Frame Cleaner

Fast acting non-hazardous liquid for cleaning uPVC frames and surfaces. Ready to use, environmentally friendly, non abrasive and non smearing.

Features & Benefits

• Ready to use (no mixing required)
• Non-hazardous formulation
• Environmentally friendly (very low VOC) and biodegradable
• Non-flammable
• Fast acting and drying
• Non-smearing
• Non-abrasive
• Pear drop odour
• Multi-purpose use

Swipex Cleaning Hand Wipes

Ideal to remove all fresh sealants, adhesives and foam from surfaces, hands and tools. It also removes grease and oil. The formula contains skin conditioning agents to avoid excessive skin dehydration.

Fast and permanent removal of fresh, non-cured remains of adhesive and sealants. Cleans uncured sealant from tools, hands and materials. Safe to use. Dissolves fresh and uncured adhesives and sealants (Silicone, Hybrid Polymer, PU, Acrylic, etc) as well as PU-Foam, all paints, including automotive, etc. Cleaning of dirty working tables and surfaces.

Features & Benefits

• Contains powerful solvents and detergents
• Compact packaging
• Ready to use
• Fast removable
• Easy and safe for skin