Whether you want to build a new home or retrofit your existing home, external doors with a level threshold that provides safe access for all while stopping drafts is the ideal solution. No door draft stoppers or fabric door snakes – just a perfect level seal to keep out drafts, noise and water. This is now possible with the ALUMAT barrier-free magnetic threshold. 


The makers of the ALUMAT threshold have recently received a German Design Award for the zero threshold, and it has also been recognised by the internet platform ‘bfb – barrier free building’ which annually determines the best barrier-free building products and solutions that contribute to comfortable and safe living at any age. The ALUMAT magnetic threshold was selected as the Product of the Year – 2021 by an expert jury evaluation and a reader vote. 

Also suitable for Passive House constructions, the ALUMAT magnetic zero threshold enables convenient and safe access for everyone. The magnetic threshold can be used with timber, uPVC and aluminium exterior doors, and is suitable for entrance, patio and balcony doors, and tilt & turn doors with one or two sashes. The threshold defies the strongest weather influences such as driving rain, storm and even snow. Fulfilling sound insulation requirements are also no problem with the threshold, which has been tested up to 46dB. 

How it works

When the door is closed, 2 double seals with silicone contact in the threshold are automatically attracted to the 2 magnetic strips at the bottom of the door. The seals come up from the level threshold, meet the magnets, and seal the bottom of the door. When the door is opened the magnetic field is broken, and the seals drop back into the threshold, making it a level surface. 

Enjoy peace of mind with a 20 year warranty on the magnet force, and barrier-free accessibility means easy traffic movement between spaces with no risk of stumbling. With ALUMAT it’s easy to  incorporate style, great design and modern technology, all while achieving energy efficiency and thermal insulation. 

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