The PORTAL PSK 100 has been designed for easy operation and assembly, for timber and uPVC elements with sash weights up to 100kg.

Trigger – swings open and closed smoothly

There is a special trigger in the running rail and a stop buffer integrated in the guiding rail on the locking side, together ensuring smooth and gentle opening and closing.

Running and guiding rail – more quietness and stability

In interaction with the stable running rail, the specially coated guiding rail supports smooth sash motion. With its self-supporting design, running rails can dispense with a support profile, which also simplifies the assembly.

Quality that you see and grasp

• Soundless locking and unlocking with lasting high functional security
• Ergonomic, modern design in a range of colours and coordinated hardware coverings
• Large choice of versions ranging to the design with cylinder
• Perfectly coordinated with the hardware and the sash weight
• Matching the handles from the tilt and turn range, ie colour and design

High ease and frame to sash clearance with small dimensions

With the diameter increased by up to 25%, the new PORTAL PSK rollers make the sliding action even smoother and more comfortable. The running rail does not generally need a support profile and the large bogie wheels, with frame to sash clearance of 125mm, permits use in deeper, highly insulated profiles.

• Smooth and easy sliding with high operating safety
• Self-supporting running rail; no support profile required
• Simplified assembly: Height adjustment for optimum adaptation to the weight and size of the sash
• Maximum flexibility with 125mm frame to sash clearance and small dimensions also suitable for extremely narrow or deep-set sash profiles
• Positive-locking metal bogie wheel safeguards securely and durably hold the bogie wheels in the running rail and allow the sash to be tilted without tension