Reliability and innovation are not the only impressive features of Siegware panic door solutions. Their clever grid dimensions and standardised routing pictures also offer extremely economical and easy-to-assemble flexibility on the wide range of multi-point locks. We have solutions for all escape door functions, based on the same main lock families, and all additional locks have identical dimensions. Single and double-leaf doors made of aluminium, timber or uPVC can be equipped with our fittings.

All benefits at a glance

• Direction of escape can be set on the main lock for function B and D
• Suitable for fire-rated doors (minimum face plate widths of 16 mm)
• Adjustable DIN direction
• Escutcheon holes at a minimum 35 mm backset
• Can be combined with KFV standard frame parts
• DIN cylinder with and without free-running cam and/or round cylinder can be used
• Simple assembly of the double leaf solution by omitting threaded rods

The locking functions

Multi-point locks for escape doors can generally be opened in the direction of escape without a key, even when they are locked. The options for opening the door against the direction of escape varies depending on the locking function.

These German made panic door lock systems all incorporate the high security hook & pin design, and are manufactured to the finest quality.

For further information please contact a Siegware representative.