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Convenience and security at the push of a button.

GENIUS is an electromechanical locking and unlocking system. Depending on the version, it is suitable for use in private homes and in commercial or industrial buildings.

With GENIUS, you can say goodbye to hauling around jingling bunches of keys. GENIUS can therefore make life much easier, particularly for the elderly and people with disabilities. Doors open and close completely at the touch of a button in combination with swing door drives.

Benefits for fabricators include:

·  GENIUS combines the locking properties of a mechanical multi-point lock with the convenient                   features of state-of-the-art electronics
·  Power supply: 230V
·  Minimal installation costs
·  Cutting edge solution for door security with all the ease of use of contact-free operation
·  Plug-and-play cabling
·  Digital RS485 interface for diagnostic, updating and control purposes

Benefits for users include:

·  Quiet, rapid locking and release
·  LED status indicator in several colours
·  Complete menu access when installed
·  Can be combined with access control systems and many other applications
·  Can be used in combination with KFV Keyless to open doors hands- free and manage access rights via     an app
·  High level of security thanks to motorised locking part
·  Warping protection for the doors and reduced heating costs thanks to ideal sealing

Finger scanner:

·  Biometric access control system
·  Optionally available door leaf integration or external installation
·  Up to 99 memory slots can be programmed
·  No separate evaluation unit
·  Minimum amount of cabling needed for installation
·  Direct power supply via GENIUS

Optional: Convenient app for user and system administration available

KFV Keyless:

·  Electronic access control system via Bluetooth
·  Optionally available door leaf integration or external installation
·  User-friendly app solution
·  Contactless opening of doors via smartphone Bluetooth function or, alternatively, by entering a code     on the keypad
·  Simple user and system administration

For certain situations and safety requirements the GENIUS Comfort locks are also available allowing the user to exit the building at any time without activating the access control system.


·  For operating several SIEGENIA products which are compatible with the Comfort app
·  Free app for controlling devices via smartphone, tablet or PC without the need for an extra WLAN           network
·  Can be integrated in a home WLAN network
·  Operation including status feedback (device dependent)

All GENIUS locks can be overridden by key in case of power failure, battery backup power supplies are also available upon request.