SIEGENIA-AUBI has optimised the performance of the HS-PORTAL 300/HS-PORTAL 200 with the new ECO PASS threshold, which combines energy efficiency, convenience and design with time-saving and cost-effective assembly, all in perfect harmony. This blend of diverse product characteristics provides fabricators and end users with numerous advantages and is currently unique in the industry. The innovative threshold is suitable for both uPVC and timber elements.

Completely new design

What makes the high-performance ECO PASS stand out is its completely new concept: the sophisticated 10-chamber profile is designed to provide outstanding thermal insulation, which means that it also complies with the principles of green building; furthermore, its excellent heat transfer coefficient means it is certain to fulfil even the firmest requirements. The threshold’s thermal separation also prevents build-up of condensation and improves the living environment. The ECO PASS is also available as a barrier-free model for maximum living comfort, making it even more attractive for fabricators and home owners.

The product’s single-piece construction, with integrated reinforcements, also offers considerable design advantages – it ensures total stability and significantly reduces manufacturing times. Such a high level of pre-assembly is unusual in the industry today.

Modular design increases flexibility

With its versatile modular design, ECO PASS is able to provide an optimum seal for sashes in all construction situations, both in new buildings and for renovation projects. The threshold can be combined with a wide range of profiles and is flexible enough to be adapted to meet individual requirements. Even the running rail can be easily replaced if damaged, something that is impossible with other systems. Last but not least, the ECO PASS even has logistical benefits: the new threshold lies flush with the frame profile, both externally and internally, meaning that it can be transported to the construction site safely without requiring extra space.