In these uncertain times we hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy.

Recently we have received many enquiries regarding our operations and the supply of goods from Europe. At this stage we are conducting business as usual, with no significant delays. 

We have been informed by Siegenia that there has been little impact on the supply of goods from their factory. Product and raw materials used in their daily manufacturing are not influenced by neighbouring countries, therefore goods will be produced as normal. 

Currently we have 2 sea shipments and 1 air shipment already on the way which will ensure we are stocked well into May/June. For the moment, orders with our suppliers are moving ahead as usual.

Although supply from Europe is not effected we may still endure slight delays in the shipping and fumigation processes. This is due to a reduction in trucking services (Europe), reduction of sailing vessels and the backlog at fumigation facilities. We could see delays of up to 4 weeks due to these circumstances, however this shouldn’t effect outgoing orders due to our higher stock levels. Please do not stock higher than usual quantities as this could adversely affect the situation and the flow of products. 

At the warehouse we have increased hygiene protocols in keeping with government guidelines. For the time being we will be significantly reducing business interaction, namely all sales and technical visits, and will do our best to service you via other means of communication. We are taking the situation day by day, and keeping up to date with recommendations from authorities. 

The Siegware team endeavour to keep you updated, and look forward to proceeding with business as usual, aiming to supply the products you need in a timely manner to keep the window industry going. 

If you have any questions or queries please contact Chris Fodor on 03 5368 1181 or